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Rental Housing Professional
About Brad Stern
I traveled for business regularly for 15 years, on assignments ranging from one week to 36 months. I learned what a road-warrior really needs to be comfortable. Whether it be with colleagues, by myself, or with visits from my family.

We created this home to meet those needs. The space is flexible enough to handle three colleagues on extended travel, and to let them hit the ground running - wireless internet up and running, paper-goods in-stock, phone service operating, spices and condiments on the shelves and perhaps some frozen dinners and sodas already in the fridge.

Don't lose precious time on your first few days of travel setting up your infrastructure and procuring your basic needs. We took care of this. Get to work. Make a great impression with the client.

Then you can ease up and hit the grocery store to get what you really want. Rent a movie, and watch it on the 50' screen.

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