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Jon Griffith

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Jon Griffith responded to Can I let a rental property go into foreclosure?

"My advice to you would be to attempt to short sell the home before you consider foreclosure. "

Jon Griffith responded to On Jan 1 I gave my landlord 60 days notice that I was going to have to brea

" So, if I understand correctly, you have a 60-day agreement with your landlord, but they couldn't ren... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to Villages at Aviano - why are so many on the market? are the HOAs unreasonab

" HOA fees are $216/monthly. A tax search of "Villages at Aviano" produced 393 results of which only ... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to I would like to buy a house in phoenix in order to rent it. Do you think it

" Gael, before you become an amateur investor, do your homework. Being a landlord is hard work, and y... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to What does Sale Pending mean?...can someone still buy the house if it is

" Sale Pending means that a home is under contract, depending on the local MLS board's rules. Backup ... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to HI i am a single mother w/ three kids and i am on the section 8 program and

" A very large majority of the section 8 housing that I have encountered is in disrepair because more ... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to A family member is losing their home due to mental issues, she has fallen b

" I'm sorry to hear that. It must be very stressful to go through this. Short of a loan modification... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to I have a bankruptcy on my credit that belongs to my dead parents--they file

" This is a mess, but it can be cleaned up. You simply have to work with the credit reporting agencie... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to How long does it take to purchase a foreclosure?

" There's no set time. Each bank has its own set of rules. Typically, REO properties are approved qu... (more)"

Jon Griffith responded to We are scheduled to move in on Saturday, our landlord has not cleaned our a

"Do you have a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act? "

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