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Foreclosure Prevention

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The best way to reach me is to CALL ME! Yes! its true, IM the agent that loves to talk to my clients and return phone calls :)

Recent Questions and Answers

Realtor ROY responded to Desperately looking for 3bd/2ba HOUSE in San Diego, CA. Anything less than

" MY client may have a few units for rent, you also may want to check out craigs list for rentals, Go... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to hello i make about 30,000.00 a year , do you think i could possibly qualify

" YOU should contact your BANK if they offer FHA or Conventional financing , if you dont have a lender... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to What are these "sick of paying high rent" and "looking for an internet job"

"SPAM, whats funny is they even send them to REALTORs lol, sorry "

Realtor ROY responded to Im moving to san diego in 3 months what is the safest/affordable neighborho

" Coronado is somewhat expensive, but all of San Diego is not really that far. I can give you a list ... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to Looking for a 2 bed 2 bath single family house $1400-$1800. I have 2 dogs.

" Any luck? FYI you can probably buy something with monthly payment like that www.SanDiegoRealtyUpda... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to where do I post a vacation rental. Under vacation or for rent?

"I can post in the MLS as VACATION RENTAL and IMhere in San DIEGO "

Realtor ROY responded to My parents got a FHA loan here in Southern CA but we can't seem to find any

" MY sellers and I allow FHA BUYERS , infact we love them. IF one of my Listings wont work for you, I ... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to I'm looking to buy a condo in San Diego , Ca 92103. Need to list features.

" FYI, IM IN 92103 ( Hillcrest & Mission Hills Neighborhood) YOU should also let me check 92104 2 bloc... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to can I buy anything in San Diego with $5000 down?

" YES its very possible , CALL ME, there are special loan programs for buyers to put 1/2percent down 1... (more)"

Realtor ROY responded to I'm looking to buy a condo in San Diego , Ca 92103. Need to list features.

" Give me a cALL, IM here in SAN DIEGO and know the area really well. I would advise staying away fro... (more)"

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