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Nuncita Cherry responded to What happens when the bank agrees t buy back your house, can I go out and s
" Yes, it sounds like your bank has agreed to a deed in leiu of foreclosure, if this is the case they ... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to I'm going to sell my house and my agent tells me to do a 'private exclusive
" I too am a Realtor, although I am in California, I agree with Justin that you want the most exposure... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Will owner be served a 30 day eviction notice after house was sold at auc
" Don't know what state you are in but depending on whether it was a judicial or non-judicial foreclos... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Does anyone know if there is a way to stay in the same county schools you'v
" A couple of suggestions, I am a Realtor in California, you may want to try to ask her school distric... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Use caution
" This is soooo true, I am a Realtor in California and I see so many people who are scammed, money is ... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to If I have a lease, can the owner go in to short sale while I am still livin
" Check into what your tenants rights are. If the owner is having financial difficulty she has the ri... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Can I get a Mortgage approval?
" In that price range with that amount down you should be able to get a "hard money loan", your intere... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Hi, I am a financial Advisor, and my fiance is a naturopathic doctor. We a
" Walnut Creek is a pricey area and finding anything in the location in the $1000-$1500 price range is... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to the house im renting is in forclosure and my landlard still is charging me
" Hi Luis, I am a Realtor in Stockton, don't kknow what you are paying for rent or what you credit or ... (more)"
Nuncita Cherry responded to Hi. We're looking for a 2+ bed/1+ bath single family home with pets allowed
" Hi Michelle, Don't know what your financial situation or employment history is but with you housing ... (more)"
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