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About Patrick Anderson
My present position as of the past 4.5 years has been the Facilities Director for a Temple.

My professional outlook transcends to that of my personal life and living space as well.
I pride myself on being a great tenant, neighbor and good person altogether.
My current apartment living space does not reflect that of a living environment of which I am use to, thus I must leave. Simple & plain...and soon. My lease agreement was up September 2011, I am now month-to-month. The property was sold from the original owner from out of nowhere in November of 2011. It's been downhill ever since.

I prefer the unattached back houses or condos or spaces that are insulated enough to block out the outside elements of annoying barking dogs, trash trucks and car alarms. Get the idea of where I'm living presently? You have no idea. It's painful. Multi-unit, un-neighborly, and poorly managed apartment living has scorned me for life.

The surrounding neighborhood of a space is just as important as the space itself. I like to bike and take walks. It would be nice to be able to walk safely in and around this ideal place of living.

The owners of the property to me is just as important as the site managers. I understand all too well the demand for a great tenant as it is just as important to me to enter into a lease agreement with a property manager who is also...great.

How hard can that be? Right?
We will see.
I am willing, as I've done in the past provide the first 6 months of post dated checks. This is how the trust factor starts with me. What do you have to offer? Hopefully straight-up honesty. That's all I ask.

It's just me, no dog, no live-in girlfriend(if I had one she wouldn't be live-in, we'd be married and in a place, so I wouldn't need to post this)...and I'm not a party guy. I like people, all people. I really just need an ideal space of where I can call home for a while. Please help!

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