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Amateur real estate investor and landlord. Looking to gain and share knowledge about the business!

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JCP responded to Can parents co-sign a rental homelease for 3 20 year olds with no rental hi

" You can use a cosigner for pretty much anything (rental, mortgage, car, credit card, etc). It's up ... (more)"

JCP responded to Will FSBO rent property?

" Yes, that agreement is called a lease option. There are different ways to do it but typically you p... (more)"

JCP responded to I called the property mamagement and no one has contacted me. What should

" Did you report the dog bite? Not sure if the property manager is more responsible for that than the... (more)"

JCP responded to I am looking for a home with my section 8 voucher. I need 3 bd and 2ba. I a

" It wouldn't seem likely that section 8 would be a dealbreaker in trying to rent a house. It would b... (more)"

JCP responded to How to best deal with a slumlord

" If you do the work yourself, make sure you negotiate compensation ahead of time. Get it in writing,... (more)"

JCP responded to what are the cons of getting a home @ no money down?

" So you started saving now? Good. Don't stop! : ) A lease option might be another possibility for... (more)"

JCP responded to Will home owners want to rent to us?

" Who told you this? Obviously not any prospective landlords. : ) Here are my suggestions: 1. Appl... (more)"

JCP responded to What if you have had a foreclosure so your credit is poor, but you have a g

" Submit as many rental applications as you can. They probably won't ALL be rejections. Look for pri... (more)"

JCP responded to What do you do when you have bad credit, but make good money and no one wil

" You live in Virginia Beach? Go to Equidata Credit Services in Newport News on Thimble Shoals. They... (more)"

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