Gregory Comer Jr.

Gregory Comer Jr.

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Real Estate Professional
Cell:  (404) 593-8363
About Gregory Comer Jr.
Born and raised in cities all over the southern part of the United States, Gregory Comer, Jr. has always had a passion for meeting new people, traveling, and real estate. Whether it was making new friends and grasping the differences between them or admiring the residential & commercial properties in new cities and neighborhoods, Mr. Comer's undying affection is what ultimately led to his decision to pursue a career in real estate.

Mr. Comer and his team knows that each individuals real estate needs are unique and unlike those of anyone else. To date, Mr. Comer has crafted his interpersonal, customer service, and negotiation skills to foster the trust of his clients and deliver the results to succeed in daily transactions. Ultimately making the entire process of working with him a pleasurable decision.

His keen ability to recognize value, bring it to the customer and negotiate the best possible deal has been a hallmark of his career experience, bringing him repeat customers in many kinds of transactions. Gregory is a dynamic, resourceful and aggressive negotiator who takes pride in serving his clients professionally and competently, no matter how small or large their needs. Whether clients are looking to rent a space, buy their first home, move up to their dream luxury condo or find an investment property, Gregory aims to provide excellent customer service to help them achieve their goals.

Being no stranger to the Metropolitan Atlanta area, Gregory possess the intricate knowledge of the multiple communities that make up the area and knows every nook and cranny of Atlanta. He has observed with great interest as neighborhoods, their boundaries and the real estate market have evolved and changed over time. When not working with clients he can be found probing areas to stay abreast of what's happening day in and day out.

Gregory recognizes the inherent stress that can be involved in a transaction is as significant as the buying or selling of a home, and dissipates it with his ability to take each client through each step with patience, understanding, and the sharing of lots of relevant information. He navigates through any roadblocks that come up, and sees each buyer, seller, or renter through to the closing table and often beyond.

When asked what does he focus on the most when working with clients, Gregory answered, 'I focus on delivering results and satisfaction. I am honest with all of my clients, so I always work towards creating an expectation upfront and then producing the results. At the end of the day my focus is always my clients and producing the results that they expect.'

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