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Phone:  321-299-5903
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TWO MATURE ADULTS 50s, and 30s. We are clean, quiet, peaceful, and live a stress free lifestyle. We are very private, and do not like high traffic in our home. We pretty much keep to ourselves, and are not looking for friends or lovers. We keep a stress free atmosphere at home, and are sober. We would absolutely not share living space with roommates who have addictions, criminal backgrounds, and is prone to drama. We prefer a mature working gentleman, and rent is due on time. This will be a great arrangement for a person who travels a lot on business, drives a truck, or live too far and cannot commute daily. You must be clean, tidy, and respectful of others belongings or spaces. We try to conserve energy here very hard, and turn off appliances not in use. We also hang our clothes on the porch, and only use the dryer for emergencies.

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