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Art Hanley responded to How in the world do you relocate when you are a single mom?

" I think you just try to break it down into manageable chunks. First, get the position. While you're... (more)"

Art Hanley responded to How do I permanently get rid of roaches and those really big centipedes!?

" We have them in New York like you wouldn't believe. Be thankful they aren't rats. I step on them. ... (more)"

Art Hanley responded to We have just sold our house and the contract is under "judicial review." Wh

" Judicial review may or may not mean much - court approval is needed for a variety of things (estate ... (more)"

Art Hanley responded to i just recvd notice from the sheriff that the house i am renting is in fore

" Find out how to pay the rent into an escrow account approved by whichever court division is handling... (more)"

Art Hanley responded to If my landlord hasnt done any of the repairs the city told him to do and ha

" I believe that a landlord needs to provide a habitable dwelling for you and, if he can't, he has to ... (more)"

What can be advertised as a "bedroom"? Is there some standard definition?
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