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responded to We walked through a rental home last year with only bare concrete floors o

" There are very specific route that you must take in order for you to stop paying rent. Take pictures... (more)"

responded to wondering what are landlords looking at when they check your credit?

" Each one is different and has different criteria. The broker usually has the last word. Sometimes ta... (more)"

responded to why would you advertise a home with a fenced yard but not allow pets?

" Thats funny. Owners are not required to take pets. Fences at the beach are more for privacy anyway. ... (more)"

responded to why is it that a high percentage of rental owners look down on Section8Vouc

" It's simply a risk vs reward thing. Law of averages. If anyone takes real estate investing personall... (more)"

responded to Need a really smart landlord or attorney for this one. I'll keep it brief a

" Unless you have them add an adendum to the lease stating that the house was not in les pendings, you... (more)"

responded to what do you do when you have been renting a home for two and half yrs and y

" Your lease is good no matter who owns the property. The new owner must go accept the terms of the le... (more)"

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