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responded to is it possible to buy a home with a past bankruptcy and trashed credit card

" I would go to credit sesame or credit karmas website and see where your credit stands. You could try... (more)"

responded to Can the price be lowered by any chance?

" You could talk to the landlord and ask them to lower the rent a little sometimes you might get a nic... (more)"

responded to Landlord has attached home (front door located directly in front of mine) i

" "

responded to We are considering walking away from a house we bought 4 years ago because

" I think you should should look into a couple programs they have to help you save your home. www.hud.... (more)"

responded to I don't have a credit and I don't have a job but I get check from the gover

" (more)"

responded to i went to a broker and was told that if ur credit score isnt above 620 to n

"credit karma is a great website also so is credit sesame. "

responded to we own mobilehome which is in a mh park we pay $200 a month for the lot ren

" There is a place called mobile home association I would advise contacting them. (more)"

responded to We rent a house that has a bathroom that leaks to the kitchen below. We we

" There are a few things you can do. you can call your local court and ask to put your rent into an e... (more)"

responded to How can we as home renters guard against losing our deposits if the homeown

" You can take out renters insurance and ask for this to be added to the insurance also you can take t... (more)"

responded to Withholding last month's rent?

" I have heard if you Put the last months rent into a escrow account threw the court and then make a l... (more)"

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