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responded to If I have a lease, can the owner go in to short sale while I am still livin

" She has the right to sell the house, though most landlords give the renter first option to buy. You... (more)"

responded to Owner does not want to remove his own car. Do tentants have to accept car i

" It wouldn't very well be a home with a two car garage if you are not able to use the garage would it... (more)"

responded to My landlord is crazy, she has shown up at my home and verbally attacked me.

" Wow... She almost sounds like the lady we have been buying our house from... lol... Your landlord do... (more)"

responded to I've been renting a unit since March 2010 and just realized my lease agreem

" I'm not going to answer that ? but I will say that it is only right for you to pay what you original... (more)"

responded to we own mobilehome which is in a mh park we pay $200 a month for the lot ren

" I have lived in a mobile home park before myself. As far as lot rental, unless it states otherwise ... (more)"

responded to My bathtub is slanted and never drains because all the water pools on the o

" Unfortunately, to get rid of the we would have to Abomb the earth which would also destroy us... ouc... (more)"

responded to Does my landlord need my permission to enter my house? (when my lease isn'

" Your landlord has no right to be in your home without proper notice and if you catch them there you ... (more)"

responded to Who is responsible for a non-working AC after I bought the house? We were

" I don't know about Colorado law, but I know Texas law states that anything wrong with the home has t... (more)"

My husband and I are buying a house per contract of deed. There are discrepancies in the contract and we are suing for ...
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