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responded to Is it possible to find an apartment to rent in San antonio with 3 evictions

" The fact that you've been evicted would be a huge red flag. I wouldn't take the chance - I've been b... (more)"

responded to How can I "really" get to know a neighborhood without moving there first?

" "Steering" a buyer to or from a neighborhood is against the Realtors(r) code of ethics. There are c... (more)"

responded to How long should we wait for an owner to accept our offer to buy?

" When you write the offer, you should be able to write when your offer expires. The seller isn't requ... (more)"

responded to Who is responsible for a non-working AC after I bought the house? We were

" When you write a contract to purchase a home, it's the buyer's "right and responsibility" to write i... (more)"

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