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responded to im moving to boston from ireland for the summer with my girlfriend. we are

" That's so exciting that you're moving to Boston! I currently live in New York but definitely still c... (more)"

responded to Any room for rent in Boston?

" Definitely check out Craigslist first, as the majority of the listings on that site are legitimate. ... (more)"

responded to Should I sign a 2 year lease?

" A lot can change in two years, really, with both your professional and residential preferences. You ... (more)"

responded to I think I have to rent a room with strangers. Does anyone have any experie

" I wouldn't worry about this at all. Honestly, living with strangers isn't the hard part for the most... (more)"

responded to what are safe areas in Manhattan for a single women to live?

" According to a Nabewise search (just click on, the safest area that would fit your bud... (more)"

responded to How did you select your real estate agent?

" I guess in a certain sense what mattered to me was that certain agents covered certain neighborhoods... (more)"

responded to I heard Brooklyn is the hip place to live in NYC, what neighborhood is goin

" Honestly Greenpoint's pretty trendy. Lots of great nightlife that coexists with a great residential ... (more)"

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