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responded to What Is Your Top 1 Idea on

" Stage your house and furniture to fit the room, not necessariliy what you are using it for (ie if yo... (more)"

responded to How can I sell my property in the market we have today without giving so mu

" You could try ddoing FSBO if you think you can do it. I think it generally takes those a lot longer... (more)"

responded to How hard is it to rent a rental house if I am selling ahouse thru short sal

" Hi! I just mentioned this on another answer, but I would try to see if I could find an independent l... (more)"

responded to Divorcing and filed bankruptcy, will I ever be able to rent?

" Angela, it sounds like you are getting a fresh start and it might seem daunting. But, dont worry to... (more)"

responded to My wife and I live in a townhouse that we own. It has an English basement s

" My husband and I rented out the basement of our townhouse for almost a decade and had mostly great e... (more)"

responded to How did you select your real estate agent?

" Good question and one that I struggled with as well. First, I asked my friends for recommendations ... (more)"

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