Turn Your Table into a 'Zen Garden'

By Rachel Hollis

Do you longingly flip through the latest Pottery Barn catalogue and wonder why your coffee or dining room table can't look gorgeous and pulled together? Use this low-effort centerpiece to keep your space so Zen, you might actually feel inspired enough to do that yoga you've been putting off.

How to Turn Your Table into a Zen Garden

What You'll Need

  • Long and low rectangular vase
  • 2 large bunches of thin bamboo
  • Floral foam (from any craft store)
  • River rocks in your favorite color
  • Scissors
  • 4 blooms of your favorite flower

1. Cut bamboo rods a foot longer than the height of the vase.

2. Cut floral foam into a long strip, so it fits snuggly down the center of the vase.

3. Push the bamboo rods down into the floral foam and create a straight line down the center of the vase.

4. Fill the vase with river rocks on all sides, being careful to cover the foam so it doesn?t show.

5. Place orchids, or whichever flowers are your favorite, on one end of the centerpiece and enjoy!

This article was reprinted with permissions from SavvyMiss.com, the free website community dedicated to connecting, empowering and informing women.

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