After the Big Move

After the Big Move

Moving is only the beginning...What to do next now that you have arrived?......(Hint: A lot!)

The Ultimate To Do List After the Big Move

Inspect your stuff for damage. Once you arrive check your stuff for damage immediately in order to notify your insurance company. Unfortunately, people tend to wait to unpack and therefore risk discovering costly damage after their moving insurance has expired. It is important to inspect insured items like your furniture, electronics, and appliances.

Locate your Bill of Lading and lock it up. (The document that shows proof of the payment for the transportation of your things) Very important.

Setup your utilities.

Get a new identity! If you've moved to another state, visit your new local DMV and get a new driver's license registered with your new address. Plus it is important to register all your vehicles with new license plates and tags.

Register to vote! Become an active new citizen and get your new voter registration card at the local Board of Elections.

Get the news. Subscribe to your local newspaper to get caught up on what's going on in your area. You now live there you might as well be in the KNOW.

Search for the pros. Moving to a new home, means a new support network of doctors, dentists, and vets to look after your health and of the ones you love. It is also important to have your previous physician transfer your medical records to your new caregiver.

Be insured. After relocating, it is important to update your insurance policy to suit your needs in your new environment and to transfer your information to a local insurance representative.

Reorganize your finances. This may entail setting up new accounts or ordering new checks stamped with your new address.

Forward mail. First, contact your new post office in order to register your new address. Second, contact your previous post office to make sure all your mail is forwarded to your new address.

Inform all. Notify all important parties both personal and business contacts of your new address via email, phone, or postcards (change of address postcards are available at your local post office).

The little ones. Enroll your precious cargo in a new school as soon as possible. The Chamber of Commerce will have information on the various schools within the area.