Types of Rental Apartments

Types of Rental Apartments

There are many different types of rental apartments available- so many so that you may find yourself confused by all of the options and terminology. This is simply a quick list of some of the most common rental apartments you will find:

  • Standard Studio:
  • A standard studio is a rental unit without a separate bedroom, in which your living areas and sleeping areas are combined in one room. The kitchen or kitchenette may be in its own room, or also part of the single-room living space.

  • Alcove Studio/Executive Studio:
  • An studio that has a "nook" or separate area to place your bed is often refered to as an alcove or executive studio. Often times, the layout of the studio is "L"-shaped, which allows you to section off your sleeping area from the rest of the living area.

One Bedrooms
  • Junior One Bedroom:
  • A junior one bedroom is essentially a large studio apartment with a separate nook area for your bed. This is not a true one bedroom because the sleeping area lacks all of the qualifications necessary to call it a bedroom (closet, window, door, etc)

  • Standard One Bedroom:
  • A standard one bedroom apartment is a rental unit comprised of a separate living area and sleeping area. There may be only one additional room to the bedroom, combining living and dining areas, or there could be multiple living rooms, dining rooms, dens, and offices in addition to the bedroom.

Two Bedrooms
  • Convertible One Bedroom:
  • A convertible one bedroom is often a one bedroom + den/office that can be converted into a 2 bedroom rental unit. The second "bedroom" may lack all the necessary qualities to be considered a true two bedroom.

  • Standard Two Bedroom:
  • A standard two bedroom is a rental unit with two full bedrooms that are separated from the living area. They vary vastly in size and generally have anywhere from 1 to 2.5 bathrooms.

Three Bedrooms
  • Convertible Two Bedroom:
  • A convertible two bedroom is a rental unit with two full bedrooms, and then an additional room (usually a den or an office) that can be used as a third bedroom if desired. This third bedroom usually lacks all necessary attributes to be considered a true bedroom.

  • Standard Three Bedroom:
  • A standard three bedroom apartment is comprised of 3 full bedrooms. These vary in size greatly from sharing one common room to being comprised of numerous rooms.

Other Terms & Types
  • Live/Work:
  • A Live/Work is a type of rental that combines both residential and commercial functions within one building. Generally, there is office or storefront space available on the first floor while the residential quarters are on the upper floors. Sometimes, the commercial section is simply a sectioned off room of the main residential floor.

  • Duplex:
  • A Duplex is a rental home comprised of two separate and distinct rental units.
    Alternately, "duplex" is sometimes used to mean that it is a rental unit with two floors

  • Triplex:
  • A triplex is a rental home comprised of three separate and distinct rental units, with three different occupants.

    Alternately, "triplex" may be used to denote a single rental unit comprised of three floors.

  • Walk-Through:
  • A walk-through bedroom is a bedroom that you can only access by walking through another bedroom. These are often found in older buildings or buildings in tight rental markets like New York City, where every inch is utilized.