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Your Profile on HotPads

The most successful housing professionals understand the importance of establishing a personal brand online and increasing overall visibility. To help you reach a wider audience and showcase your properties more effectively, we created "HotPads Profiles."

Who Should Create a Profile

Creating a profile is an easy way to share your expertise and listings with the rest of the HotPads community.

Those offering housing:
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Rental Housing Professionals
  • Landlords
  • Home Seller
Those looking for housing:
  • Looking to Rent
  • Home Buyer
  • Those just browsing

Why Should You Create a Profile

You can select your own custom URL to direct to clients and friends to easily share info about yourself like:
  • Contact Information: Name, website, blog, phone number, and fax number

  • Descriptions: You can share about yourself and what you are looking for or specialize in

  • Establish Credibility: When you answer a question in "HotPads Answers", we'll automatically link back to your profile. This is an easy and effective way to boost your credibility and increase exposure.

  • Share Your Favorite Listings: This is especially helpful when you are living with roommates or want to get friend's feedback

  • Share All of Your Listings: You can share all of your listings currently available with clients through your profile

How to Create Your Profile

You can access the profile creator and editor from your My Listings section or by just following this link to the Profile Creator.

Then, insert your name, choose your title, and give a brief description of yourself. You can also upload a photograph.

A note about the custom URL:
  • The custom URL you choose will be your permanent link to your profile on HotPads, so choose wisely.

  • Your first choice may not always be available, but you can simply further customize it to meet your needs. For example, if you are a realtor named Jane Goodwin, it is possible that won't be available, but you could use or Goodwin instead.

  • You may not take or misrepresent yourself as another person or entity.

  • We reserve the right to hold certain URLs for companies and other major players. Therefore, even if you do not see an active profile for, you may still not be able to use your company's name.

Where You Can Share Your Profile

You can share your profile across all of your websites and social networking sites. We make it really easy to do this through our profile badges, available both with and without your picture.

To access your profile badges, go to your edit profile page and copy the code for the badge you prefer.