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Searching on HotPads

Map Search
Zoom into your future neighborhood using our innovative map-based housing search to see what's available.
Text Search
We're known for our map-based search, but we haven't forgotten about those who prefer to see listings in, well, a LIST. For you, text search.
Mobile Search
Bring your housing search with you with HotPads' mobile apps! Learn more here!
Save Searches
You can save searches and return to them later or receive email alerts and RSS feeds of listings that match your criteria.
Keyword Search
Add specific search terms and amenities you are looking for in your next home with the Keyword Search!
Pet Friendly Housing Search
Utilize all of HotPads great search features while only seeing pet friendly apartments on HotPads Pet Friendly Housing Search!
Schools & School Boundaries
Looking for a home in a particular school zone? Search for a house or apartment by school attendance zones!
Transportation and Points of Interest
Want to live a block from the subway? Look for them on our maps. We also added schools and colleges. Read more here.
Area Pages
Our users can get informed with our area pages with Wikipedia articles and demographic information.
Buy vs. Rent Calculator
Will buying or renting leave you better off financially? Find out with our Buy vs. Rent Calculator.
Hottest Pads
From ocean-front villas to ski lodges & lake houses, check out the Hottest Pads on HotPads... Luxury houses and condos price tags of over $6 million!
Trusted Listings
Trusted Listings help you quickly identify the best listings from the most reputable sources. Skip the guess work!

Advertising on HotPads

Create Listings
Create as many listings as you'd like with our easy to use listing creation & management platform.
Featured Listings
Make your property stand out from the crowd.

Learn how to get more leads with our Featured Listings.
Performance Listings
Rental property with multiple floor plans? Read more about the Performance Listing Program.
Promote Your Listings
Promote your HotPads listings on other top sites like Twitter. (Or just use the HTML for your own site). Find out how
Real Estate Feeds
Tired of editing your listings by hand? Send us an automated data feed.
Credit Reports
Run credit and background checks on potential clients with HotPads Credit Checks.
Advertise on HotPads
Are you interested in advertising on HotPads? Find more information about the great opportunities available to advertisers!

General Features

Whether you are looking for housing or offering it, share info about yourself, your listings, and your services or needs with HotPads Profiles
HotPads Answers
Questions about renting? Buying? Ask real estate pros and other HotPads users on HotPads Answers.
Renters Guide
First time renting? Can't decide where to live? Want to read up on some renting information? You'll like our renters guide.
Buyers Guide
Whether it's your first time buying a home or your fifth, you have questions. Luckily, we have the answers you are looking for in our handy Buyers Guide.
Insurance Center
It's easy to find your new house on HotPads, but don't let a burglary, fire or flood ruin the fun. See the Insurance Center for more info.
Want to hear more about what we're doing over here at HotPads? Try subscribing to our company blog, HotPads Daily!
Help & FAQs
Have questions about HotPads, finding a place, or listing your property? We have the answers in our FAQs.

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