Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is HotPads?

HotPads is a map-based, real estate search engine, listing homes for sale, apartments, condos, rental houses, foreclosures, vacation homes, and hotels.

At HotPads, we strive to build the most comprehensive, interactive marketplace of real estate and location-based services, presented with an innovative user interface and a memorable brand.

You can learn more on our about us page.


How do I create an account?

You do not need an account to search the site or view property information. However, you do need to register in order to list a property or use our advanced searching functions (like saving your search, adding favorites, or writing notes).

Creating an account only takes a second. Just click Create an Account in the upper corner, enter your name & email and choose a password.

How do I sign in with my Facebook account?

By integrating Facebook Connect, HotPads has made it quick and easy for you to sign in using your Facebook account information, post your favorites to your profile, and share your searches with friends.

If you sign in using your Facebook account, you do not need to create an account on HotPads. Simply click "Connect with Facebook" in the upper right corner to get started.

I forgot my password. Help?

I hate it when that happens, but don't worry. Go to the Log-in Page and scroll to the bottom of the page. Enter your email address, and your password will be sent to your registered email account.


I forgot my email address. Help?

Ok this one is a bit trickier... Unfortunately, we can't find your account without the correct email, but keep trying and you'll get it! (If not, you can always create a new account.)

If you currently have an active listing on HotPads, we may be able to look up your account information from your property's listing. Just email with a link to your property's listing or the full address and type (rental, for sale, vacation, etc).


Searching on HotPads

From the homepage, there are 3 ways to begin your search:

  1. Type in the city and state or zip code

  2. Click the location on the map

  3. Select from the list of popular cities

You can switch between Rentals, For Sale, Foreclosures, Vacation Rentals, and Hotels by clicking on the appropriate tab on the top of the map.

Learn more about using the map search


Are there more advanced search options?

There sure are. Click on "advanced" in the map search tool bar to reveal more search options where you can adjust the type of building, the maximum and minimum rent, define the number of rooms, and much more.


How do I contact a property?

You can contact the manager or owner of the property by using the green contact box on the right side of the listing to send them an email. If you would like to receive a copy of your inquiry, simply check the "cc me" box.

You can enter your contact information, as well as any specific questions or requirements in the form.


How do I report a fraudulent listing?

To report a listing, click the "Report Listing" button below the green "Contact This Property" box.

A popup will appear where you can select the type. Select the type and "Report!"

How do I unsubscribe from email alerts?

If you want to unsubscribe from email alerts for any reason, simply click the "Unsubscribe" link at the bottom of the most recent email you received. Voila! No more emails.


Listing on HotPads

How do I list my property on HotPads?

Listing a place on HotPads is quick and easy. First, log into your account and click "my listings" in the upper right hand corner.

Click "new listing" and you will be taken to the listing creation page.

Select the type of property you wish to list. If you are an apartment community, select whether you want to enroll in the Performance Listing platform or the Featured Listing Platform.

All other listings on HotPads are free of charge.

Then, you will be taken to the listing creation section where you can enter your address, pricing information, descriptions, floor plans, photos, everything you want to tell our housing shoppers about your property.

When you are finished, you will be asked how long you would like your listing to be live on HotPads. There is a 32 day maximum at the start, but there is no limit to the number of times you can extend your listing.


How much does it cost?

All for sale housing listings are free of charge, as are single-family homes, townhouses, and individual apartment units for rent.

Large apartment communities can select between two cost-efficient and effective advertising platforms:

  • Featured Listings - Large apartment communities can be featured on both Hotpads and Zillow starting as low as $110/month/property. For more information, e-mail
  • Performance Listings - We do have single family home packages starting as low as $199/month for up to 10 properties. For more information, email
For help with your featured listing or to set up monthly invoicing, please email


How do I feature my listing?

With over 400,000 rental listings and 3.5 million homes for sale, housing providers are looking for a way to make their properties stand out from the crowd. Featured Listings help you do just that.


How do I edit existing listings?

Log in to your account and click "my listings" in the upper right corner. Select which property you would like to update and click "edit" beside its name. Navigate to the section that you would like to edit, make your changes, and click "save." Your changes will appear live on the site within a few moments.


How long can my listing be active?

You can activate your listing for as long as 32 days at a time. We put this limit on to ensure that our users only see relevant and current information.

However, there is no limit to the number of times you can extend your listing's activation. To extend your listing, all you have to do is log into your account, click "my listings" in the upper right corner and click on your listing to edit it. Select the number of days you would like to extend your listing for and click save. That's it!


Where do you distribute my listings to?

HotPads distributes your listings automatically to a number of partner sites in order to maximize your listing's exposure and get you more leads.

Here is a list of all of our distribution partners.


More Information about HotPads

Where can I see a list of all of your cool features and tools?

You can read more about all of our cool features and tools here.


What about partnership opportunities?

We are always looking for innovative and idealistic partners to help improve our housing search. If you think there is a partnership opportunity, please contact us via email at


How can I advertise on HotPads?

HotPads caters to a defined demographic group; young, motivated buyers engaged in a very particular behavior: looking for their next new house, condo or apartment.

The narrow scope of HotPads lets you target your customers in the context of the moving and renting experience. Movers need new products and services... and they need them soon.

Since HotPads knows where our visitors are looking for housing, advertisers can target their customers by geography as well.

To learn more about advertising on Hotpads, please check advertising on HotPads


Do you have a press page?

We sure do. You can check out some of our past press here. For any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at via email at


Do you guys blog? Tweet? Have a Facebook fan page?

Of course! You can find us:


Apparently, my question is not frequently asked. What's your contact info?

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