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Property Management Company
About Nomadic Real Estate
Nomadic provides real estate owners and investors the ability to customize individual property management services. Some real estate owners only need single service items, while others prefer an entire property management plan. Whatever your need, Nomadic prides itself in offering the flexibility and support systems to meet your demands. Our goal is to help protect, rent, manage, operate, grow and increase the value of all your real estate assets.
Show Your Property
Nomadic Rental Specialists show your property to all potential tenants. Nomadic representatives work fast and efficiently to maximize your property's revenue capabilities while minimizing vacancy loss. No need to take off work or cancel weekend plans to show your rental properties to prospective tenants, let Nomadic help.

Rent Your Property
Nomadic Rental Specialists advertise, show, qualify and lease your rental property fast. Nomadic representatives get all the details about your property, setup an advertising plan that meets your budget, setup appointments with prospective tenants, show your property until it rents and ensure the prospective tenant set to occupy your premises is well qualified. Nomadic Representatives will also ensure a valid lease agreement is in place during the tenant's occupancy of your property. Call us today for more information or to customize this service for your particular situation.

Download Real Estate Forms
Nomadic has developed a growing library of real estate forms essential to renting, managing and operating your real estate. Each form is immediately downloadable in Microsoft Word format which allows you to easily make modifications for your particular circumstance. Nomadic Management Plan Clients can download an unlimited number of real estate forms for free.
Tenant Background Checks
A bad tenant can physically damage your real estate, cause huge financial losses in missed rental payments and court fees and make your life extremely difficult for many months. Nomadic offers a series of Tenant Screening Services that can be purchased individually or packaged together to ensure your real estate is occupied by well-qualified tenants. Peace of mind is a valuable thing.

Rent Collection Services/Management
Nomadic Representatives collect all rental payments on established due dates, deposit funds immediately into an escrow account and provide each owner a detailed rent collection report. Nomadic Representatives also provide rental receipts to each tenant within 7 days of received rent payment. If authorized by the owner, this service also includes distribution of Rent Default Letters to all delinquent tenants delivered via Certified Mail. All rent received and deposited into an escrow account will be distributed to the real estate owner/investor on an established date each month.

Maintenance Requests
Nomadic has formed alliances with hard to find, quality, trusted vendors and handymen throughout the metro DC Area. Let Nomadic Specialists field all maintenance requests and work orders from your tenants, bid out estimates for services to be provided, obtain your authorization, schedule service, be present to let in and inspect vendor performance and provide a descriptive summary report and invoice of all services performed. No need to take off from work and stop living when your tenant's cable, internet, HVAC, etc. needs repair...Nomadic will be there for you.

Apartment Turnover
Don't waste valuable time and money when a tenant vacates your property; gain access to Nomadic's trusted vendors, contractors and cleaning service companies that ensure a cost-effective and efficient turn of your rental property. Nomadic inspects your property, completes a Move-Out Inspection report and recommends all services needed to turn the apartment. Upon your approval, Nomadic schedules all services and is present to let in and inspect all work performed. Upon completion, Nomadic provides a descriptive summary report and invoice of all services performed and associated charges. Let Nomadic help decrease vacancy loss and turnover costs today.

Move-In/Move-Out Inspections
Nomadic Representatives are trained to conduct Move-In and Move-Out Inspections to assess the current physical condition of the apartment at move-in and the extent of damage beyond normal wear and tear caused by a tenant upon move-out. These inspection reports are essential for determining and documenting any deposit deductions and calculations of amount owed for tenant-related property damages when a tenant vacates your property. These inspections include a thorough comparative analysis, written report/checklist and photo documentation. These two inspections are automatically packaged together unless otherwise instructed. Avoid the he said, she said conversation and allow Nomadic Specialists to be present at both Move In/Out.

Types of Properties Managed

  • Multi-Family (2-4 units)
  • Multi-Family (5-16 units)
  • Multi-Family (16-99 units)
  • Multi-Family (100+ units)
  • Single Home or Condo (Valued up to $300K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($300K-$500K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($500K-$1 Million)
  • Single Home or Condo (Over $1 Million)
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