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Indiana Realty Partners
Indiana Realty Partners
Property Management Company
Phone: 317-297-5459
Fax: 317-297-7162
About Indiana Realty Partners
Indiana Realty Partners has been in business since 2003. Company owners have been active investors themselves since 1995. Indiana Realty Partners works with investors in purchasing properties for flipping and long-term investments (rentals). We are very knowledgeable on rehab costs and what needs to be done to get a place rented verses selling. We work with property owners individually and are happy to provide a customized service.

Communication with property owners on a monthly basis really depends on the property and the tenant. If there are no issues with the home, and the tenant pays their rent on time, there is very little communication (with that being said, you can communicate with us at any time and we can answer questions about the home and/or tenant whenever you may have them). The only other communication with the owner is, of course, the check! We send out checks to the owners on a monthly basis, with itemized expenses already deducted from the check.

We have over 250 properties currently under our property management company with rent ranging from $250 all the way up to $2,500. We generally do not turn any property owner away, we enjoy having rental properties all throughout Indianapolis and the surrounding cities and counties. We believe that we have an obligation as a property management company to help all property owners with their rental property needs.
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