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Property Management Company
About Butler Property Management
We are a full service property management company specializing in complete or partial management of apartment buildings, multi & single family homes, condominium complexes, commercial and industrial properties throughout the State of Texas. We are a company firmly committed to providing the very highest level of service, and quality results. We offer educated, skilled, licensed professionals in every area of property management.
We are here to serve YOU. Butler Property Management is a company with a reputation for integrity, hard work, trust and responsive, open communication. Our clients rely on us, and know their properties will be managed as if they were our own. We can ensure continuity and accountability to community associations and property owners by them retaining a single, responsible organization that encompasses all of their property management and maintenance needs. Our unparalleled 'in house staff' approach to TOTAL customer service and satisfaction is without pier in the industry. We have the personnel, equipment, knowledge, and experience to satisfy your every requirement. Under the Owners Link to the left is a partial list of services offered to our valued clients; however, we are eager to custom design a service package that meets YOUR individual needs.


Butler Property Management will custom design a cost effective service package that meets YOUR individual needs. Please take a few moments to review the available 'in house' services we offer. We think you will agree that we are NOT just another property management company.

LEASING PROCESS: Our clients can rely on our marketing and sales team to keep their properties fully occupied with qualified tenants. Butler Property Management has a proven marketing strategy integrating numerous marketing techniques that have proven successful in attracting qualified tenants. The leasing process is one of the most important steps in achieving a profitable rental property. We will ensure your property is not only fully occupied, but occupied with QUALITY tenants. A thorough screening of interested prospects will be conducted, including a credit check, verification of income by pay stubs and current employer contact, followed by a reference check of previous landlords. Our staff will also photograph the premises, prior to tenancy, to establish a basis of property condition for any future security deposit disputes. Our clients can depend on their vacant apartment being immediately advertised, shown and leased. From tenant qualification, leasing and legal documents, to pre-occupancy inspection, we will expertly control the process from start to finish.
CONSISTENT TENANT RELATIONS: We provide a twenty-four hours, seven day a week emergency support line. Our client's and their tenants are assured of an immediate response. Day or night, we will be there to correct the problem. From general maintenance requests to tenant complaints, we will always be there for you. Open communication with our residents demonstrates a commitment to their well being, and is in keeping with our core belief of business integrity. When a resident is happy with their apartment home, it is likely they will not only renew their lease, but are often helpful in attracting new prospects. Continued tenant relations is an important part of our business philosophy. Agent/tenant relationship is crucial to a rental properties success. We offer a level of fairness and service that encourages tenants to choose OUR properties over others that are available.
MAINTENANCE STAFF: We employ a full time maintenance team. From Electricians, Plumbers, and Carpenters, to landscape professionals, we are positioned to address your needs. From fixing a leaking faucet, to a complete interior renovation, we are prepared and ready to respond.
BUILDING AND GROUNDS MAINTENANCE: Butler Property Management, owns and maintains a vast array of professional equipment. From newly shingled roofs and freshly painted trim, to properly cut and manicured lawns, we have the equipment, experience, and expertise to service your property.
FINANCIALS: You may rest assured that all rents will be collected, all expenses will be carefully reviewed before payment, and that a detailed report will be issued to our clients each month.

Types of Properties Managed

  • Multi-Family (2-4 units)
  • Multi-Family (5-16 units)
  • Multi-Family (16-99 units)
  • Multi-Family (100+ units)
  • Single Home or Condo (Valued up to $300K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($300K-$500K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($500K-$1 Million)
  • Single Home or Condo (Over $1 Million)
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