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Legacy Property Group

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Property Management Company
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About Legacy Property Group
Who We Are
Legacy Property Group, founded in 2012, is a unique property management firm created to fill a large void in a growing market. Legacy Property Group has designed a systematic approach to supporting first time landlords and experienced investors with managing their homes. LPG has created a new platform that is revolutionizing the way people manage their properties. By leveraging technology with our large network managing your property has never been easier. We are experienced licensed agents that deliver results.

Our Vision
We believe in providing a service that is customized to fit everyone?s needs. We created a platform that works for you around the clock. Our society is changing rapidly; therefore we generated an upgrade to how property management is currently being performed. Our platform provides around the clock access to your home. Information when you need it, create work orders, access accounting information, schedule onsite inspections and more 24 hours a day. Our Legacy platform puts the power of your property back into your hands. We make every effort for you to keep your home rented longer with as little risk as possible, while creating the highest return possible.

Our Mission
Providing safe housing for people and their families is a priority for Legacy Property Group. Our tenants are very important to us, just as important as the owners of the properties we manage. We strive to create long term relationships with the people and communities we serve. Everybody needs a safe comfortable home to live in; Legacy Property Group delivers around the clock care for our clients and the homes we serve. Filling vacancies faster and more cost effectively is what we strive for. Educating our landlords and tenants of the new standards. Protecting our clients by operating ethically and honestly.

A Refreshing Difference
Whether you are a home owner or a tenant, Legacy Property Group has both the resources and the right services to meet your specific needs. Each of our agents are highly trained and experienced professionals whose main priority is simply to provide you with the highest quality of service in addition to assisting you to successfully reach and maintain your property management or relocation goals. Contact us today, and give us an opportunity to prove why we are genuinely confident that you will truly discover a refreshing difference at Legacy Property Group!

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