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Property Management Company
Phone:  210-573-9703
About Home Team of America
I am a do it all Realtor. I work with investors, buyers, sellers, and builders. I love to work with everyone because everyone ties together in some way shape or form. Investors become sellers to my buyers or land lords to my renters, so knowing people who are looking to do any of these and working with them is the best way for me to cross market each of the services I offer.

I have 11 years experience with HEB which has driven my customer service to levels others cannot match. I have been doing Real Estate for 2 years and have done over a hundred transactions from rentals, buying land, selling and buying investment property, to flipping my own properties and helping clients build new homes.

If you have a general question I am a great resource to find answers. I have a network that supports me from every aspect of Real Estate. They are a huge part of my success in Real Estate.

I look forward to working with you in any capacity!!!

Andrew Pruske
Texas Realtor
Sit in Realtor Heights of Stone Oak DR Horton

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