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Types of Properties Managed
  • Multi-Family (2-4 units)
  • Multi-Family (5-16 units)
  • Multi-Family (16-99 units)
  • Multi-Family (100+ units)
  • Single Home or Condo (Valued up to $300K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($300K-$500K)
  • Single Home or Condo ($500K-$1 Million)
  • Single Home or Condo (Over $1 Million)
AMG San Antonio Group, LLC
AMG San Antonio Group, LLC
Property Management Company
About AMG San Antonio Group, LLC
Welcome to AMG San Antonio Group, LLC. We are a full service property management company focusing on residential, commerical, multifamily, and HOA properties.

Owners of all types of properties looks towards AMG because of our 20+ years of management service. We have the knowledge and understanding on how to increase the value of your investment.

Why use AMG?

Because we treat investment as if it was our own. Real Estate is not an inexpensive endeavor and we know this. We also know that excellent property management will help that investment thrive for the future

Whether you are looking for business or residential leasing, or needing Management for your property in San Antonio, you will find it with us.

Find out about all the hot new rental properties in San Antonio with our Rental Property Notification.

We invite you to contact us as we'd be happy to assist you with this important transaction. We promise to provide you with full service and support while you search for your choice rental property.

In addition, if you have any general questions about rental properties or how you can add your investment property to the AMG family, please feel free to contact us!

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