How to Survive a Summer Without Air Conditioning

PasotraspasoIs air conditioning nonexistent in your building? You’re not alone. Here in Seattle, we’re equipped to deal with winter cold, but when those (rare) 90-degree summer days roll around, we’re left sweltering in the heat. Don’t worry, you’ll survive – here are some alternative ways to beat the heat this summer.


Use fans to circulate air.

Are you sitting your apartment in the stuffy heat with sweat beading on your forehead while you read this? A ceiling or box fan (or any type of fan) will circulate the air and create a cooling breeze. Once it cools down outside, place the fan in front of an open window to draw in cooler air.


Harness the power of water.

No swimming pool? No problem. Take a cold shower, create a cold footbath, or wet a towel and place it around your neck for relief from the heat. Fill a spray bottle for some cooling spritzes throughout the day. While you’re at it, remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration.


Good things come out of the freezer.

Freeze some ice packs, make some ice cubes, or make some popsicles. Frozen treats make the heat much more bearable. Place a pan of ice packs or ice cubes in the path of your fan to create your own air conditioner, and re-freeze them each night for re-use. On those nights where it's too hot to sleep, place your pillow in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for an hour or two before you go to bed. 


Close the blinds.

During the day when the temperature is at its highest, prevent direct sunlight from shining into your home and heating it up even more. Keep the temperature down by closing the blinds and drawing the curtains. You can also keep your apartment cooler by refraining from using electronics that create heat, such as your TV, lamps, stove, and oven. 


Get out.

If the heat in your apartment is just too much to handle, go somewhere else to escape it. Perhaps your building has an air-conditioned clubhouse, game room, or lobby (or if you're lucky, a pool). If not, there are plenty of public places that are nice and cool – try the public library, shopping centers, supermarkets, or movie theaters. 


Image by pasotraspaso via Flickr.