Launches Featured Listings

Image_togetherWith our innovative map-based search,  HotPads has become one of the most popular websites for  housing shoppers, with millions of visitors looking to find that one perfect place.  And those housing shoppers have quite the selection, as we have amassed over 100,000 unique rental listings and 1,000,000 homes for sale

But with so many high quality listings on HotPads, housing providers have been looking for new ways to make their listings stand out.  Well, now they can with HotPads Featured Listings.

What are Featured Listings?
Featured listings are a way for housing providers to spotlight their property and ensure that our users see their property.  In fact, Featured Listings are clicked and viewed on average 5 times as frequently as non-featured listings.

We display your properties on our maps as visually stunning building icons and can’t-miss preview panes:Bigredicon

Advertising is not one-size fits all.  We think that advertising should be customizable to each housing provider based on their individual demands, needs, and budgets.  Because of this, HotPads has initated a pricing plan that puts the housing provider in charge.  Basically, housing providers can specify their own Cost Per Day (CPD) for each of their properties, as well as the number of days they wish the featured campaign to last. 

"How Does It Work?"

Well, the way we determine how often to display your listing is on an "Auction Basis."  Say, for example, you set your maximum Cost Per Day for a particular listing to be $4.  Another provider in the same market with the same type of listing sets their’s to be $1.  We will then display your Featured Listing 4 times as frequently as those of the person with a CPD of $1.

(If you have any questions about pricing, you can take a look at the Featured Listing page, send us an email at, or just give us a call at 202.232.1581 and we’ll help you!)

Don’t forget that regular listings on HotPads are still COMPLETELY FREE of charge.  So to get the most exposure for your company, have all of your properties shown on HotPads!

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