HotPads Launches Satellite Imagery and More…

Today, HotPads Launched HotPads 2.0.  Just about everything on the site is new, but the most visual difference is the addition of Satellite Imagery provided through our integration with Microsoft Virtual Earth.


Side-note:  Matt did the paint art above and yet he didn’t care for mine the other day on this pic.

Here at HotPads we try to give users as much information as possible so that housing shoppers can make more informed decisions about their next home.  (Links to our new and improved search functionality are at the bottom of this post.)  However, a common gripe we have been hearing from users is that our search interface was becoming to cluttered…too busy.  This new version attempts to solve this problem with a new condensed "search console."


New and Improved Search Features

  • New HotPads Maps – link
  • Microsoft Satellite Mapping Integration – link
  • Neighborhood and City Demographic and Housing Stats with Wikipedia Articles – link
  • Political Party Affiliation Mapping – link
  • Demographic and Housing Heat Maps – link
  • Points of Interest Mapping including Schools, Universities and Public Transportation – link

As always, if you have comments, suggestions, tips, gripes, questions, feedback, or feedforward let us know at .