HotPads on AWS

The team over at Amazon Web Services asked me to give a talk on the architecture behind HotPads at their event on Wednesday.  It was a great event, with about 300 people showing up in Crystal City… Amazon's first event for the DC area.

If you're a current AWS customer, considering using their products, or just a general technology enthusiast, check out my slides below.  If you've got another 15 minutes, the whole talk is on video.

HotPads abandoned our managed hosting in December and took the leap over to EC2 and its siblings. The presentation has a lot of detail on costs and other things to watch out for, so if you're currently planning your "cloud" architecture, you'll find some of this really helpful.

Here is a copy of the slide show:

You can watch the presentation below (thanks to Jimmy over at East Coast Blogging for the video):

–Matthew Corgan, President of