Going on Vacation? Take Precautions to Protect Your Apartment

DewittYou’re all packed and ready to go, but before you jet off on a much-deserved vacation, remember to go through safety measures in your apartment to keep it safe. Lots of foot traffic in the halls of your apartment building can prevent your absence from being obvious, but an empty parking spot or quiet apartment can also send an obvious sign to neighbors that you’re gone.  Here are tips to keep your apartment protected when you’re gone for an extended period of time.


Set timers on your lights.

Investing in a lighting timer or two can go a long way in preventing burglars from breaking in. Set the timer to go on in the evenings to create an illusion that someone is inside. Find these timers at your local drugstore, and make sure you place them on lighting fixtures that are visible from the outside (the light in the living room window, for example). 


Unplug electronics.

Save energy – and prevent a power surge gone wrong – by unplugging your electronics. Alternatively, make sure your computer, TV, or kitchen gadgets are plugged into a surge protector so you won’t come home to destroyed electronics.


Lock up all doors and windows.

This seems like a no-brainer, but it never hurts to double check that all doors and windows are locked and the blinds are drawn before you leave.


Stop mail service.

An overflowing mailbox or pile of newspapers on your front steps are an obvious sign that you’re gone. Alert your post office to hold delivery, or ask a neighbor (whom you trust) to collect your mail for you.


Protect your valuables.

Don’t leave your jewelry, cash, and other valuables in obvious places. If you don’t trust your hiding spots, open a safe deposit box so burglars won’t take anything too important even if they do break in. 


By placing these safeguards in place, we hope you'll be able to vacation with the peace of mind that your apartment is safely waiting for your return! 


Image by dewitt via Flickr