Florida Palace with $4 Million French Doors

Looking for a weekend project? French doors might add a bit of extravagance to the ordinary pad. Know what might add a whole lot of extravagance? $4 million French doors leading to a private “adult movie theater” (with a balcony, of course).

If you’re house hunting for a $100,000,000 replica of the Royal Residence of Louis XIV in Florida, you would expect $4 million French doors to come standard – along with a baseball field, 2 tennis courts, 3 separate spas, waterfall, indoor roller rink, and a 1/2 acre pool. Go ahead and save the headache of fitting those French doors, this Florida Palace has it all, even the R rated movie theater. Location might not be Paris or Versailles, but for an estimated monthly mortgage of only $552,203, who could possibly say no?

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