Contributing to Wikis: By Feed or By Hand

In the world of wikis, it’s both the quantity and quality of information that is important, as the success of a wiki depends on their ability to supply a large amount of information that is helpful, informative, and useful. Sharing_is_caring Because wikis rely on user-generated content, it is necessary for individuals to share their insights to ensure that a wiki amasses enough material to survive.  And, because wikis rely on user-generated content, it is even more important for real estate professionals, analysts, and industry "experts" to contribute their knowledge to ensure that a wiki amasses enough useful material to survive.  Though I have discussed some of the negative aspects of wikis, I still maintain that the existence of wikis is a good thing, as they can provide different information that often proves more helpful than other sources, and encouraged people to become active in a wiki community. 
     And now you have no excuse not to.  Thanks to the tip from Brad Inman, I learned that you can  set up a RSS feed of your blog on the InmanWiki that automates the contribution process.  To practice what I preach, I decided to look into setting up a feed for HotPads Daily
After creating an account, I moved on to step 2: "do a quick search for your blog’s name to make sure there isn’t already a page created for it." To my surprise, there was already a page for HotPads Daily and a feed had already been created, complete with the entire archive of blog posts.  I asked the other members of Team HotPads if they had already set up this feed, but nobody had. Well, that was easy… 
     But then I got to thinking about whether anybody would mind if someone else set up a RSS feed of their blog on a wiki. (Digression Alert) HotPads’ blog neither earns any money nor has a very large following (though our readership has finally grown beyond family members), but many sites do.  I wonder how big of an impact providing their material to a central source has on their individual blog’s traffic.  At the moment, I doubt they are taking too big of a hit, but as wikis become more prominent sources of information and gain a larger audience, I am curious to see if there will be any effects felt by the larger bloggers.    
     Clearly, many people are in favor of setting up a feed, as there are already over a 100 Real Estate blogs participating, including many of the biggest, most popular sites.  However, even if you do not set up a feed, you can still contribute articles individually to both InmanWiki and Zillow’s Real Estate Wiki (for more information on contributing to Zillow’s wiki, check out their guidleines.)