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Certain Rental Questions That Are Asked On Applications That May Be Invading Our Privacy!

From what I was told; I do not have to give any Rental Agency or Landlord any of my personal information, like; Social Security # or Date of Birth. All I am required is to provide my NAME, PREVIOUS ADDRESS, PREVIOUS LANDLORD and UTILITIES COMPANYS that I had during my last apartment for reference to the new landlord and of course the reason why I am moving. Our SS#'s and DOB are our private info and its to be used by the government or city government or your employer for tax purposes not your landlord or any Rental agency. Every time somebody runs a credit check on you ... it will come back to haunt you for too many inquries and that can hurt your credit. You are not hiding anything but some things need to be kept out of other peoples business so that information is not out there for other to take and use for their own purpose. We are renting not buying ... big difference ... Just my thoughts about Rental agents and landlords that want to do credit checks ... Much simple way is to see if you paid your utilities on time and your rent from your previous landlord and if you want to take the next step then you can call the local police to see if they have any complaints from that address for any unusual events at that property.
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Nicholas Luongo
Rental Housing Professional
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3 years ago
You certainly don't have to provide certain info if you are not comfortable with. This is understandable and I agree, you want to be careful who you give sensitive information to. However, I can tell you that I've rented hundreds of apartments in Boston, and every landlord wants to see a good credit report and completed application. If they do not, they will simply rent the apartment to someone else that provides this info. They need to be assured that their property is in good hands. I've seen many apartments destroyed, even by people that provided a good application and credit report. But generally, those with a good app and credit tend to be better and more responsible renters.

Nick Luongo
Gateway Real Estate

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