lisa  malone
lisa malone
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5 years ago

can I get some of my money back when evicted only 8 days into the month

evicted for parking issues and the landlord was supposed to fix the main bathroom toilet the week I moved in and still has not done it yet.
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Dana Thompson
Dana Thompson
Rental Housing Professional
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5 years ago
You'll have a huge uphill battle on this. You were evicted for something totally non-related to the issue you are stating. If there's more than one bathroom, it's not really a reason to withhold rent or park where you're not supposed to. Every state has a very specific process on what to do if you have a functional issue with the property, and how to go about getting it resolved. Landlord can keep money for the remainder of the time you paid for (you didn't state whether you are trying to get back rent or deposits.) Most places require a 30-day written notice at minimum if you were to initiate the move-out, and that would not include anything with regard to being in the middle of the lease.

Basically - you'll spend more time and possibly money trying to fight something that sounds like the landlord is in the "right" on. In order to put up a good argument you will need:
a.) given proper notice of your intent-to-vacate
b.) have a ton of documentation on functional obsolescence (the toilet issue not allowing you to use the home at all)
c.) proof that the issues with parking were not grounds for eviction

Hope the insight helps you with a sense of direction on your fight...


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