Rita Knisel
Rita Knisel
5 years ago

Are there any used mobile homes on PRIVATE lots or private pieces of land [not in a mobile home park in other words] for sale in the Yuma AZ area????

I am considering buying a used mobile home [single wide] 2 BR & 1 Bath is all I really need. I would like it to be furnished with appliances that WORK and are CLEAN. The main thing is that it is on a private lot or piece of land up to an acre in size. I would like to buy the whole thing together so I only have to pay 1 monthly amount for the home & the lot. But I'm not really interested in renting a space to place a mobile home because the rent continues to climb every year but my income does NOT.
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Sandi Reynolds
Sandi Reynolds
0 Replies
4 years ago
Hi Rita,

Have you found a property in Yuma yet? If not, I have a lot close to 3/4 acre
with a two bedroom two bath mobile with working appliances. If you are still looking for a property you can email me at propinyuma@aol.com.

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