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2 years ago

Tricks or hints to improving credit and removing eviction records?

Im young and have bad credit and an eviction due to poor circumstances, bad decisions, and not knowing the legality of adult life at 18. Ive had multiple good rentals since, with no complaints from landlord or neighbors but i find my eviction though 5 years ago still haunts me to find a place since im now self employed and running my own business. I need a nice house with room to run my home business thats in a nice easily found area so i can continue to expand. Anyone have any pointers? My major concern is most are unwilling to chance me because i have no positive credit on file though ive spent the last few years paying off my debt and getting my score up higher. I got burned by bad credit card companies and scam artists pretending to be credit repairing company that im no longer willing to trust anyone but major companies for new lines of credit and they wont take me due to my history. One mistake at 18 feels like its going to drag me down until my 30's! Anyone have practical sound advice not geared toward telling me im a tool and i f*ed up?
Miss Ray
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