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2 years ago

How come people think that sect 8 is only low life's and drug addicts? When accurately they are women with children and elderly, disabled. This wonderful program keeps people off the streets. Wise up!

So sad. 99% of the greatest tenants are sect.8. Rent always on time. Maintain properties via HUD rules. No matter what their income rent is always on time, since it is automatic deposit. Regular renters have a much more difficult time yet they are more desirable? Since we are landlords we have been kicking ourselves in the behind for not giving them a chance 10 years ago. All the BS we went through with tenants and trash, thrashing, no rent....God Awful, until we got sect 8 tenants. Heaven. I'm really discussed about the singling out of an occasional bad sect 8 tenant and making press about it. It is really misleading to those on sect 8. I support the vouchers 100% all the way. Never again will I go with a cash paying tenant.
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