Dawn Barwell
Dawn Barwell
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4 years ago

If you are late on your mortgage payments can the bank increase your Hazard insurance and if they off you a "short sale" we will they still work with you so that you can keep your house? Please an...

swer right away I am desperate.
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Angel's Investments I, LLC
Angel's Investments I, LLC
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3 years ago
Hire an attorney. Banks play a lot of games and in my opinion they are breaking many mortgage laws that the general public may be unaware of. I saved my home
by hiring "Protection Law Center" in Oakland, Florida for a (3) Wisconsin properties that I own. I had already spent many wasted hours and sleepless nights attempting to do this on my own and I would suggest an attorney.
Of course your debt ratio has to be at 31% approx. and if you can't swing it
than don't waste your money. A short sale is still better than a foreclose.
I doesn't last as long on your credit history and the points are much less.

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