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Is a reason required when a eviction from a rent control city is given & if the property owner is against tenant going can the manager still evict?

For past 8 years I have enjoyed renting month to month from a nice couple & we developed a wonderful friendship (b-days, holidays & day to day visits became natural for us). They do have adult children and grandkids (approx 29)and rarely if at all did those members come to visit...until their father passed away 2 yrs ago. What can I say other than sad, sad, sad is the situation these days! My unhappy friend confides in me and does not appreciate how her kids have changed her lifestyle..1st furniture removed,(47yrs gave her comfort to know she could find her way around in the dark if needed). 2nd w/don't ask, don't tell came purchases HER CA$H 'Mothers Day' gift included(1 of 4 recliners)3rd daughter in-law was now handling her banking & rent to be sent payable to son. 4th strangers speaking very little English were moved into her apartment(no background check Etc.)& paid w/her money. 5th weekly hair appts & lunches STOPPED w/family doing so. Next came the letters to ME from 'the children of' asking me not to involve myself with my friend downstairs & stating that I am not a member of the family...really! Family yes they are on paper yet according to my dear friend these people come 'when they want something'says really doesn't know them as they do not have conversation with her before her husband passed none of them came around! She & I love one another & she said I am her best girlfriend, thanking me for always looking out for her & that she doesn't know what she would do without me..nor do I w/out her! Yesterday her kids were working on her to sign a paper 'so she no longer had to mow the lawn' was reason given to her. WHAT A CROCK! Isolating her from visitors, phone calls, things she had been enjoying (our friendship)seems cruel & un called for. Now I do not know if she signed anything for them or not. Last week however she and I had a 2 hour visit while she was alone (her previous request to speak w/me had been denied). She stated her name, birthday, and the fact that she does not want me to move out as well as adding "and they know that too!" She says just ignore them, be myself, come down anytime, she loves me, and not to fret. Last Dec. was her 95th b-day, full of wit & #@!&$ and truth be told I enjoy her company over others my age (43). Please if you could help keep her & I from being seperated, any knowledge on how to do so is much appreciated. Thanks a million and feel free to call me (408)377-5362 Kenna Marie
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