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3 years ago

Due to significant physical limitations (100%-permanent, housework presents a challenge. No paper collections or open food (rarely cook) - mainly have a laundry problem. Small table in dining area ...

is covered as well as back of chair at small desk. Since I am laid up, my sofa is covered with bedding, a handy spot to nest. Have had ongoing repair issues with landlord/management - they don't do anything. Property currently under contract, as such municipal code officer did inspection for code compliance. As to my unit (1 of 8), he required an additional smoke detecter, despite a number of concealed violations. In the meantime, landlord continued to affect repairs - 4ft opening to garage under kitch cab, for ex. Upon return, along with Realtor and bank appraiser, I called out the most heinous of the repairs. Told code officer that in the past few weeks LL had blamed lack of repairs on my lifestyle - the closet effect- I called it. He scoffed and stated "not [his] concern; but the giant hole in the wall and floor;which he cited. Received email from LL admonishing me for making a "scene", added that I had been personally cited and had to change within 15 days or face eviction. Followed up with hard copy of editted email message, referred to enclosed citation. Of course envelope was empty. I think prop manager is up to something, possibly retaliation because issue not problem with initial inspection, and manner of reaction to LL's claim during second. Also LL's description of citation is vague and makes no mention of issues I woulds expect to be problems - dishes, food, piles of trash and garbage - doesn't exist. If I were able, my home would be more tidy and would sleep on bed. I wish I could change at the snap of Mgmt's finger. Giving me one week deadline, closing is in three. If I were physically able to move, I would have when rents were increased so significantly that the entire building vacated and remained vacant for nearly a year, until lightly redecorating other units and reletting for nearly $100 less than I pay (without fresh paint, carpetting, and mini-blinds. I don't think they codify when of if I put laundry away and where I camp out 24/7. Kitchen and bathroom are spotless. So, now whar?
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