Derek Levesque
Derek Levesque
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4 years ago

Hello! I will be starting an internship at Citibank in downtown Miami on July 5th and need a place to live! If anyone needs a roommate for 6 months let me know. I am looking in Downtown, Brickel...

l, or South Beach. I am laid back/responsible and like to party when I can! Thanks
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Richard  Aybar
Richard Aybar
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2 years ago
My name is Richard, I work for a Real Estate company specializing in cases like yours. I have access to every available property in the area. Call me at 787-344-4265 so we can figure out the budget, location and your musts so we can narrow it down to what is best for you. Most of my listings are in Brickell since I live there so give me a call and I'm usre we can get you something good

Richard Aybar
LenCor International Properties

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