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3 years ago

Is it possible to break a home lease if there is a legitimate medical reason ??

Have a 1 yr. lease on a home, am 6 months into it. Due to medical condition now unable to access second story of home at all. Having to live on lower level. Dr's. recommend a flat and will give note for this.
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3 years ago
Hi Leigh,
First, let me just say that I am basing answers on my understanding of CA RE laws and regs, not SC's. I would first talk to the landlord. A landlord and tenant can mutually agree to terminate a lease at any time, so this would be the easiest option. Alternatively, the landlord might draw up a new lease agreement that grants you some flexibility by allowing you to move out two or three months earlier while still recouping your deposit. I would then pour over the original lease agreement to look for language related to use of the property. The lease might permit you to sub-let the property, allowing you to move into another unit while still making rent on the first property. I would also look at the structure of the lease for potential loopholes that might invalidate the lease (this happens more often that you might think). For example, if the landlord did not sign the 1 year lease agreement, this creates a periodic tenancy in CA, giving the tenant the right to terminate the lease with 30 days notice. These are the things that come to mind. I'll be interested to see what others post. Good luck!

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