Callie Osborne
Callie Osborne
4 years ago

Where would I look on the web to find homes offering owner financing or rent to own/lease to buy?

We are looking to buy a 3b/2ba+ home in the White County, Arkansas area with an Owner Financing or Rent/Lease to Own option. Unfortunately we moved from our home and gave it to a family member before going out-of-state for work last year thinking finding a new home would be easy, we were wrong. Our credit at this point isn't great and could use some work so getting a home loan isn't an option for us but are more than able to making the monthly payments. We haven't had much luck looking around the internet but haven't really know where to look either, any suggestions?
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michelle kolano
michelle kolano
Real Estate Professional
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4 years ago
The path of least resistance would enlist the help of a knowledgable Buyer's Agent. The kind of specific info your requesting could be found in a nuber of places so she's going to have to do some detective work. That will net a few options but maybe not your dream house, so here's what I've done for clients before, I will scan current & expired listings that haven't sold after months and months, so I'll call all the listings and present the lease-back option - I've had pretty good success so far. Just an FYI, lease-backs are full of their pros/cons as well, make sure you know your stuff before you sign on the dotted line.
And Good Luck!!!

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