3 years ago

I would like to rent a room or share a home near green lake...I am a healthy non smoker and a runner. I am a professional seeking to share a home.

Non smoker seeking to live with, or share a home with someone in the Green Lake area. I am a professional, and educated and seek the same. I am a private person seeking to live in a nice area and place but need to share for budget reasons. I have excellent credentials, went to the UW and work in a Major Corporation here in the Northwest.
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2 years ago
We are remodeling a house with a MIL unit on the 1st floor. Do you know a family who is looking to move as well who could share with you? The upstairs unit has 3 BR and 2 bathrooms. The lower unit has 1BR and 0.75 bathrooms, and opens up to the backyard.

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