Nancy Collawn
Nancy Collawn
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4 years ago

How do you get someone to answer to inquiries on this site? Never get any call back or response to any inquiries

I have used for my house search and am simply amazed- submit inquiries and never, ever any replies! Is it Miami or what the heck is going on? I tried using over 6 months ago when looking for apartment and same thing, so it is not the season or anything similar. In general Miami is an almost impossible real estate market, lots of scams, foreclosures, very unprofessional real estate agents and lying owners, but one would think if they pay to post on hotpads they would at least respond. If it is free site, no wonder, just do not get why spend the time and effort to post!
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Colleen Corgan
Colleen Corgan
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4 years ago
Hi Nancy,

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties hearing back. Some property managers are more responsive to phone calls, so you may want to follow up with them that way as well. If you do see any scams on HotPads, please do let us know by emailing or using the "report listing" feature!

Thanks for using HotPads!


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