Robin Holt
Robin Holt
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4 years ago

What do you do when a tenant service has literally 'blackballed' you. Everyone uses the same service in this area.

The applicant screening service has provide negative information about my rental history. Since this service is used by most places - what do you do? There is a valid, verifiable reason for history of late payments. I was at the place over two years. Doesn't that count for something?
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michelle kolano
michelle kolano
Real Estate Professional
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3 years ago
I'm assuming you've already written a letter of explanation and it is now a permanent part of you file? If not, do this right away. For now though, you're kinda out of luck unless you want to try a private rental? This is a individual homeowner who is also the manager and often doesn't know what the heck he's suppossed to do, some don't even use online verification, they do it old skool or not at all. Do you have letters of recommendation from employers or past renters? Those would be handy when you hand in the application. You could even offer a larger deposit or a 2nd rental amount to make your offer more attractive, speaking of which, first impressions count, show up in a clean, well cared for car and same with your attire. Make them like you, warn them about the "disputed information" and that you have a letter of response on file.

Good Luck!!!

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