4 years ago

In this economy, is it tacky to ask for a free parking spot or reduced rent when I see an apartment?

The apartments that I like are a little out of my price range (about $100 or the price of a parking spot). When I see the apartment during a tour/walk-through, can I ask if rent reductions or a free parking spot could be accommodated? I'm thinking that it's difficult for the landlords to lease expensive apartments.
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Colleen Corgan
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4 years ago

No! Some property managers are willing to negotiate and offer incentives to prospective tenants. Couldn't hurt to ask at all, especially if you tell them that the $100 parking spot would mean the difference between you moving in or not.

If you know the vacancy rate of the apartment complex, that can give you a pretty good idea of how much they are going to be willing to compromise. Likewise, depending on the price point, it might make financial sense for them to rent you the apartment at $100 less rather than let it sit uninhabited for a few more weeks or month.

I've certainly had friends successfully negotiate down a rent they felt was overpriced and you have nothing to lose just asking.

Good luck with your search and let us know what they say!

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