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4 years ago

Moving to Chicago with kids, planning to live close to downtown. Best schools? Best neighborhoods? Indoor activities during winter. Kids friendly rental apartments.

Two kids 7 and 3. Love the city atmosphere.
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3 years ago
Hi -my family and I; kids 15, 10 and 9 just relocated from Chicagoland area. I have lived there all my life 35yrs--best areas to move are outside of the city in the suburbs. Try areas like woodridge, willowbrook, naperville, bolingbrook, darien and westmont. I have lived in these areas and surrounding towns w/ no extreme issues. Growing up in private and catholic schools I feel the suburbs have the best school system public and private. The city of Chicago is beautiful and like any other city it has its ups and downs. Downtown is very expensive to live and visit if you drive. Its best to stick w/ public transportation. If you must live in the city and can afford the area stay close to downtown, if you go to the south side stick to the oasis area or museum area. Don't go far south or to the west side at all! As for the winter--bowling, skating, movies, museums of all types are all available. Do a search of activities and you'll come up w/ a lot. Good luck in the winter and welcome to my former home of Illinois!!

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